Coo-Ru – door Peter Smisek

On March 22, it seemed like the only thing on our collective minds was the public lecture by Bjarke Ingels in Rotterdam. Except I didn’t go, instead preferred staying here, at the faculty of Architecture in Delft. And now, I will present to you a list of reasons why it’s not really necessary to go to these talks.

1) It’s all been said before. If I want to see Bjarke Ingels, I can go to and watch it in my underpants. No need to go to Rotterdam and dress up. The jokes are always the same anyway, and he might add a few new projects sometimes, but the more things change, the more they stay the same.

2) I suffer from abandonment issues. Couple of years back I wanted to go see Zaha Hadid in Amsterdam, I even bought a monograph to prepare. Needless to say, she cancelled two weeks before the lecture. As Peter Cook once told me, starchitects tend to do this quite often these days. I wasn’t ready to have my heart broken again.

3) All these things are sold out so far in advance, and even when I did try to purchase tickets via in the past, these were already gone. Maybe I’m just that slow, or operate in another plane of existence.

4) There’s always something else to do anyway. From drinking White Russians in the aforemen- tioned underpants, to attending a lecture by Satoshi Okada at our own faculty.

I’ll admit the second part of Okada’s lecture was super- boring, but at least it was free and it was here. How an architect can make a side show of his own buildings sleep-indu- cing, and the philosophy of Immanuel Kant interesting is beyond me, but at least I heard something new desu~.

So, unless you want to see Zaha, or Bjarke, or Rem because you want to work as an intern at their office (hint: they’ll tell you to send your portfolio), save your time and money, go to TED or loan a book from the library and enjoy it in the comfort of your home. And you’ll still have time to learn from a sugoi Japanese architects.

Peter Smisek

2 Responses to “Coo-Ru – door Peter Smisek”
  1. bnieuws says:

    Ja, we hebben een nieuwe columnist denk ik..

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