B Nieuws Essay Contest

Classical architecture criticism, the inquiry into the nature of a building, rather than into a theory, has gradually disappeared over the last 15 years. Are you the one to turn this trend? Channel your inner Koolhaas for eternal fame!


Bouwkunde-Delft is een conservatieve kerk – by Jaap Dawson

Bouwkunde-Delft is een conservatieve kerk. Van een conservatieve kerk mag je verwachten dat haar bisschoppen de officiële theologie bewaken. Daarom mogen ze en moeten ze studenten beoordelen aan wie ze zelf geen les hebben gegeven. Het enige dat ontbreekt in onze conservatieve kerk is het duidelijk uitspreken van wat precies de theologie van de kerk … Continue reading

Why internationalize? – By Roberto Rocco

FORUM 3 October 2011 We often hear that the university is ‘internationalizing’. It seems to be a natural development in a globalized country like the Netherlands. However, what does internationalization mean and why should the university internationalize? First of all, I must acknowledge that I am biased. I am a product of internationalization myself. And … Continue reading

Designing is communicating – By Roberto Rocco

FORUM 26 April 2011 The idea that scientific research gets in the way of creativity and inspiration seems to be widespread among design students who deal with the city. The word ‘science’ is indeed rather scary. It evokes images of white sterile laboratories where defenceless rats are dissected. Or nerdy physicists trying to solve useless … Continue reading

The True Believer – By Herman van Bergeijk

FORUM 23 March 2010 This world is made for believers. Belief in a better future is one of the main motors of our existence. Who would not like to believe? ‘Yes we can’ was already a popular motto before an American president started his career with a sentence that soon proved to be a cover … Continue reading