B Nieuws Essay Contest

BK City — Classical architecture criticism, the inquiry into the nature of a building, rather than into a theory, has gradually disappeared over the last 15 years. In modern magazines, architects are exposed just to carefully crafted images accompanied by a text that depth wise does not surpass a press-release. There is however much to say about the newly-built. Could we, for example, conceive the Tulip Inn in Zaandam as a ridi- cule of the cities’ history, or is it a homage to the possibilities of the postmodern collage? Is the wing of Rotterdam Central an ode to technology, or a sign of powerlessness of contemporary architecture: uprooted, and ready to autonomously fly off? What, in other words, is the cultural meaning of a building? As a faculty magazine of architecture, we regret this demise of architecture criticism. What happened to those times when apart from architects, students too were engaged to think about these matters? That’s why we write a contest for architecture criticism.

The task

Write an essay of max. 1200 words. Shorter is allowed. It’s no paper, so footnotes and bibliography are not required.

The jury will choose the most en- gaging essay and judges on crite- ria as style, argumentation, and relevance.

The topic:

Critique of a recently realized building.

The jury will consist of:

Wouter Vanstiphout, Professor De- sign as Politics
Fredie Floré, lecturer Architectural History, VU Amsterdam.

Gijs van Oenen, lecturer Practical Philosophy, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Christoph Grafe, director Vlaams Architectuur Instituut.

What do we offer?

The two best articles will be published in B Nieuws, the authors will receive the official title of Delft Intellectual Heavy Weight, and re- ceive OASE, journal for architecture,for free for one year.


Please submit your essay before 26 December to bnieuws-bk@tudelft.nl 


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