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Want to be a B Nieuws editor?

B Nieuws is a monthly periodical with an almost fifty year history. What once started out as a newsletter has grown into a full fledged magazine run entirely by four students. B Nieuws features the latest news concerning the Faculty, from new courses and exhibitions to in-depth interviews with professors. B Nieuws is looking for … Continue reading

B Nieuws Survey

The editors of BNieuws want to know what you think of the magazine, in order to improve it. Please fill out the online survey. It only takes a few minutes and you have a chance to win a 25 euro Waltman voucher. Fill it out here.

Jury rapport B Nieuws Essay Contest

Can architecture students, buckling under the load of production, still find the time to write- and to write well? Architecture students are famous for writing devastating critiques, but often on quite a thin base. The jury, however, was surprised by the amount and the quality of the essays. Strong essays combined a precise architectural analysis … Continue reading

Deadline Essay Contest in Two Weeks

The deadline for the essay contest is closing in! Officially the deadline is 26 of december, but we will be nice and accept all submissions entered before New Year’s.

Plea for the Immeasurable – By Frank Loer

Frank Loer argues why the National Student Survey (NSE) tells us little about the quality of our school. In the October issue of B Nieuws, the Faculty informed us about the outcome of the National Student Survey (NSE). The result is considered disappointing in comparison to other faculties. The Faculty aims for a better score … Continue reading

B Nieuws Essay Contest

Classical architecture criticism, the inquiry into the nature of a building, rather than into a theory, has gradually disappeared over the last 15 years. Are you the one to turn this trend? Channel your inner Koolhaas for eternal fame!

Colquhoun, Historian and Maker of Its Own Time – By Herman van Bergeijk

Despite its good intentions, the recent issue of Oase on Alan Colquhoun exemplifies a current trend in many schools of architecture of the distortion of history for the sake of direct use, says Herman van Bergeijk. Recently the journal of architecture Oase published an issue that was dedicated to the work of Alan Colquhoun. It … Continue reading

Should I stay or should I go? – By Dimitrios Sotiropoulos

It is an interesting fact that the number of Greek students enrolled at TU Delft has increased significantly since 2008. Last year, they represent- ed the biggest percentage of interna- tional students, surpassing that of the Chinese. One can come up with a plethora of reasons as to why a young and ambitious Greek would … Continue reading

“Education, memory and architecture” – By Herman van Bergeijk

What part of our history is reinvented and under rug swept? What part of our memory is selective and tends to forget? What’s with this distance it seems so obvious? – Alanis Morissette Many books have been written on the value of history for one’s being and it has little sense to enter in that … Continue reading

Rectificatie website voorlichting over bachelor vernieuwing

Op 8 en 10 mei organiseert de faculteit Bouwkunde tijdens de lunch een voorlichtingsbijeenkomst over de vernieuwing van de bachelor per september 2013. Denk jij dat 2013 nog ver weg is? Dus niet! Omdat de bachelor in 2013 verandert, moet jij in het collegejaar 2012-2013 al de juiste keuzes voor vakken maken! 8 en 10 … Continue reading